Short Term Stay

As of December 2014, Japan has taken measures concerning the Visa Exemption Arrangements with 67 countries and regions. But the citizen of another country is needed to acquire a visa. It has become more and more difficult year by year for the citizen of some countries except visa exemption to acquire Short Term Stay. The reason is probably the increase of refugee. This problem causes the normal procedure to be unmanageable. Actually, one of honest applicants who submitted the documents requested by the embassy is rejected. Her purpose is taking care of the babies instead the baby’s mother to have a surgery.
And the closed examination makes a short term visa procedure more difficult. Because both examination standards and reasons for rejection are not exposed.

In this kind of situation the case study and the experiences are very significant.
We can advise and support your short term visa procedure with a good deal of experience.

Kinds of a purpose

It’s really important for you to apply an appropriate purpose.

  • Site seeing:
  • Business meeting, presentation or attending an exhibition
  • Visiting relatives or acquaintance


The cases to be able expand

“Short term visa” is not available to be updated except the case below:

  • You aren’t able to get on a plane by reason of sick or injured.
  • You are required to stay in Japan for a medical treatment.
  • You don’t have anyone to take care of your new child.
  • You are mother after giving birth a new born child.
  • There are unavoidable circumstances from a humanistic standpoint.
Application for Change of Residence from “Short term visa”

Basically you cannot change “short term visa” to another residence status.

However, in the case of an application submitted by a person whose status of residence is “Temporary Visitor”, permission shall not be granted unless the application is made based on special unavoidable circumstances.  (Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 20-3)

Please remind few cases meets the certain requirements of “special unavoidable circumstances”.

Tokyo and Fukuoka is the special area. Both is allowed to change from “Short term Visa” to “Invest and business manager” under the certain requirements.

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A fee of our support for  “short term visa”: 40,000JPN + VAT

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