“The term of Short stay” visa is getting longer.

The term of Multiple short stay visa is getting longer.First the visa for Indian and Vietnamese is getting longer to 10 years. “10 years” visa is issued to business purposes and for cultural or intellectual figures.  The person who has national qualifications “Doctor attorney etc. is included in “cultural or intellectual figure”.

They can use this visa for sight seeing and seeing relations from the second time.

This visa is issued from 15th Feb 2016.

We will expect this trend will be expand to another country.

But we should notice this decision doesn’t means that we can get the short stay visa easily.

Short stay visa is the most difficult procedure for us. Because Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t disclose standard of screening and the  reason of rejection. We don’t have any choice but to guess the reason of rejection from experience.

Especially the important evidence is the document prepared in Japan,  the information of the person who invites, the Japanese guarantee and the statement of the reason etc.

We support the procedure of this  program.
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