Why did you fail to gain a visa?

We often get requests from clients who have failed to gain residence status. I think that not only I, but almost all immigration lawyers would be able to assist them in a successful reentry. Why can we succeed?

The reason is very simple.

Screening of the administrative procedure consists of 3 steps. They check missing documents in the first step. In the second step they check that the contents of the application fit the standard and the guidelines. They then check if it is true or not in the last step. If they find a lack of evidence or something questionable in the first step or 2nd step, this may affect the decision of inspectors in the third step. Therefore, you must not make mistakes on the first or second step.

The official should turn down the application if it lacks a legal basis. It’s very obvious that they think “When in doubt, leave out”.

We, the immigration lawyer, attach a statement of reason when we apply. The statement can provide a legal basis because we are prohibited by law from applying when we know it’s fake.

Some clients try to take advantage of this. It is not our job, however, to turn black into white. Our job is just to support and make sure white does not get turned to black.

We would like you to be honest with us when contacting us about your application.

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