Before the date, you may lose VISA


I have some people consulting with me who have lost their residence status, even though their period of stay has not expired. Why was their status revoked? I will try to explain the relationship between the Status of residence and Period of stay in order for you to avoid your status being revoked due to lack of information.

The residence status in Japan is issued based on the activity. Foreigners can stay in Japan based on their activity and period of residence status. For example, if you are a student, your permitted activity is studying. Therefore, if you quit the school, you will lose your residence status, even though your period has not expired. When foreigners stop the permitted activity, they need to leave Japan within 90 days. In other words, if you can obtain another status within 90 days, you can stay in Japan.

Here are some related cases.

  1. When a student doesn’t attend school.
  2. When the dependent or spouse of a Japanese national divorces.
  3. When an office worker quits their company and does not appear at Hello Work.

If the fact that you have stopped the activity is known when you apply for extension of the status, it will be rejected. However, if you are requested to appear at the immigration bureau from 90 days after stopping your activity, you will become an illegal immigrant. A deportation order will be issued. You will be prevented from entering Japan for 5 years.

If you stop your activity, you have only this window of 90 days. You need to act quickly.

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