Staying one year makes you eligible for “permanent residence”

The necessary period for applying for a permit for Permanent Residence shall be shortened.

Recently, the Ministry of Law has revealed their plan that they shall provide permission for permanent residence to persons living in Japan for 1 year in the shortest case.

Ordinarily, a foreigner needs to have stayed for 10 years and more before applying for “The permission of Permanent residence”.

But the status holder of “Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” have been able to apply for it after a period of staying in Japan for 5 years or more.

The “Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” system was introduced in May 7 2012. The points are provided by items like income, education foundational career, and others. If the total points reach 70 points, the applicant is treated as a “Highly Skilled Foreign Professional”.

The revised system makes a person with 80 points or more capable of applying for permission for permanent residence after staying for 1 year or more.

I shall outline the necessary periods for applying for permanent residence.

  • Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals who have over 80 points or more: 1 year
  • Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals who have less than 79 points: 3 years
  • Spouse of Japanese national or permanent resident: 1 year
    In addition, the applicant who has effectively been in a real marital relationship for 3 years or more)
  • Long term holder: 5 years
  • Person made a contribution to Japan: 5 years
  • Person recognized as a refugee: 5 years or more since being recognized as a refugee
  • Ordinary case: 10 years
    In addition, the applicant must be in Japan for 5 years or more with a working visa.
    The applicant must have the status for the longest period, namely 5 years.
    (For the time being 3 years is recognized as the longest period)

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