Public financial support regarding Covid-19



Here you will find present information regarding budget. We offer our service to help your application. We also can try to require some of official documents from the public agencies and then, you do not need to travel by yourself and not being close to be with other people.


What you can get from the Japanese government (it will be defined after the establishment of supplementary budget)

Subsidies for sustaining businesses
If your company decreases monthly sales less than half of usual.
(*Fixed by the approval of a revised budget 2020)

Self-employer : JPY 1,000,000
Corporation  :   JPY 2,000,000



What we can get from the Tokyo Cosmopolitan Government

cooperative benefit for self-closure business

To owners who cooperative to follow the requirement for closure own businesses by The Tokyo Cosmopolitan Government would be able to get

the benefit cost of;

Single business :          JPY    500,000
Multiple businesses:   JPY 1,000,000



Our Agency Commision
JPY. 40,000 + Start-up fee JPY 4,000

※We offer our service same price how many categories you would like to apply

※Payment method : When we make an agreement, you need to pay the start-up fee, JPY 4,000. After you got the subsidies, you will be required to pay the agency commission.


For those informations, we can offer ZOOM seminar. You also can join the seminar and decide whether you would like to apply by yourself re request us.

We also can help to get Temporary license for alcohol drink for take-away or delivery service or some other financing system.

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