Case Studies


Wael Hassan is running a second-hand dealership for agriculture equipment in Egypt, with the name of “ELTAER” Co. The company has imported agriculture equipment and also exported them to other countries in Africa. He wanted to buy used equipment more smoothly and to export it to other African countries directly. Therefore, he established TORI LLC. Visa Japan Tokyo supported him getting a visa, establishing a company and obtaining the second-hand license.
The company
Both the words TORI and ELATAR refer to birds. He must do business across borders like birds.


IRFAN JAPAN. LLC is established as an affiliated company of IRFAN JAPAN MOTORS in Pakistan. IRFAN JAPAN export used cars to Pakistan, and IRFAN JAPAN MOTORS sell them in PAKISTAN. IRFAN JAPAN also has plans to import Pakistan products like jewelry into Japan.


CIPA is a top meat supplier in France. We supported them expanding in Japan by setting up the branch and getting a Highly Skilled Professionals visa for the Managing Director.


BLUE’Z LLC is established by two Indian nationals, and their main business is importing block print fabric. Block print is a well known technique in India and fabric printed using this technique is famous products. They have failed to get visas once, and one of them has unfortunately a history of deportation. We removed the causes for the rejection and explained the reason of his deportation to the immigration bureau in detail, after which he was able to get a business manager visa at last.