Our Fee System

Consulting fee

Our consulting fee is 3,000yen per 30 minutes.

5,000yen for 1st 1 hour.

The consulting fee will be included with the retainer fee as soon as you formally request us to start proceedings.

Tax is not included in the amounts written above.

Fee for procedures

We will estimate separately for each matter.

You can check our standard prices from the price list.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Full Refund System of Visa Procedure except Short term Visa.

We would like to receive 50% in advance as a retainer fee.

This shall be refunded in full if we fail to gain a visa for you after reapplying twice.

The cases below are not covered by the Full Refund System of Visa Procedure.

    • When the applicant is applying for refugee status.
    • When the applicant fails to inform us of disadvantageous facts.
    • When the applicant is in arrears with their taxes.
    • When the applicant fails to submit the requested evidence.
    • When the applicant commits a criminal offence after application
    • When the applicant has canceled this contract.
  • Invitation for short term visa.

The Price List / Minimum Price

Visa procedure

Acquiring COE and changing the status

  • Business Manager: 150,000-
  • The spouse and the long term: 120,000-
  • The designated activity: Estimated
  • Other than above: 95,000-

Extra Charge

  • From Refugee Status: 25,000-
  • To Retaurant or Factory employee: 25,000-


  • By the holder of Business Manager: 60,000-
  • By the holder of Student: 60,000-
  • by the Other than above: 40,000-

Updating the status without changing job or a partner

  • Business manager: 100,000-
  • Other: 40,000-

Discount for Applications to be Filed at Same Time

  • By 25% for 2nd person

Additional charges when replying after rejection: 50%.

Tax is not included in the amounts written above.

Setting up a company

  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation: 50,000-~100,000-
  • Registration of a listed company: 330,000-
  • Registration of LLC: 175,000-

Tax is not included in the amounts written above.

Applications for business license

  • Restaurants:100,000-
  • Supplying alcoholic beverages after midnight: 150,000-
  • A dealer in second hand goods: 100,000-

Tax is not included in the amounts written above.