New Working Visa “Kaigo” (care worker)

The Committee on Judicial Affairs of House of Representatives decided to establish a new residence status “Kaigo” (Care worker). It will be ruled on after a decision at this Extraordinary Diet Session。

Even up to now, care workers from Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines have been accepted through the system under EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement).

But this decision makes every license holder of Kaigo-shi (care worker) capable of applying for the status.

The field of care has suffered from chronic shortages of personnel. Foreigner care workers are expected to solve this problem.

Kaigo will be added to the list of Technical Intern Training too.

At the same time, the new organization for keeping watch over the organizations has accepted technical interns.  The technical intern training system is criticized as a system for securing cheap labor covered by the name.

I expect that another status like “agriculture”, “sightseeing”, “restaurant” and “factory” will be added. Because shortages of person are occurring in these fields.

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