Working Visa

Sometimes we take the question “I need the working visa”.  But basically your job gets you a visa. It means you should get your job before applying visa. Then what kind of job brings you “Working Visa”? 

Major working visa we support

Business Manager

The status for an investor, a manager and a director.  It will be comprised of the following three categories. Each category has its own standard.

  • Activity of an investor and an entrepreneur: To invest over 5,000,000 or employing 2 people is required.
  • Activity of directors
  • Activity of Manager: Over 3 years experience is required.
Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services

The status of activity except manual or industrial work. An advanced educational background (more than college degrees) or over 10years experience is required.

Skilled Labor

The status for a specialist like a cock or a pilot. Each profession has it’s own standard.For exemple Over 10 years experience is required for the cock except Thai food (5 years).

For reference.

a dependent visa

It is the Status for the marital and child of the resident who stay in Japan with working visa and student. It doesn’t include parents.
The applicant is required the evidence of income enough to live together.