New system for starting up a business in TOKYO

About Tokyo Program
The correct title is “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

Tokyo has started a new system for foreign entrepreneurs, enabling them to start businesses easily.

As you know it is difficult to start a business in Japan for foreigners.
Foreigners need to get the “Investment and business manager” residence status. To get this status, in addition to setting up a company, you must invest at least 5 million yen or use at least two full-time employees who must be Japanese citizens or “Permanent residence”, “Spouse of Japanese”, “Spouse of permanent residence” or “Long term” residence holders.

Using the new system, you can enter Japan with a “Short stay visa”, and submit the permit to the Tokyo Metropolitan District. The Tokyo Metropolitan District shall check whether the business plan you have made is realistic. If Tokyo judges the plan to be realistic, you can get the status of “Investment and business manager” for 6 months. You can then set up a company and prepare all you need to start up the business with this status.

If you can satisfy the conditions after 6 months, the status will be updated to a longer term one.

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6 Replies to “New system for starting up a business in TOKYO”

  1. 私は大学校せです。来年卒業するので卒業したら日本にビジネスしたいですけどどうやてすることができますか

    1. I’m sorry to be late to reply.
      My Name is Satoshi Clem Hosoi, the immigration lawyer visa japan tokyo.

      a simple way is making company.
      The minimum capital should be 5,000,000yen.

      If you have a concrete plan, I can advice it at my office.

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