Thinking on when to start business from the perspective of visa procedures.

When foreigners with residence status in Japan want to start a business, they face the problem whether to actually start the business before or after obtaining a visa.

Visas in Japan are issued based on the activity of each person. It means that you cannot start a business before getting a visa, even if you have already established a company. However, it takes a long time to screen for a business manager visa, unless you have a large company or long experience in business. You may have to reapply after waiting a long time for the result.

The immigration bureau check whether the business is real. This can be a hint. When they check whether it is real, specific stakeholder names are very important. Sometimes, you will not know the name of stakeholder before starting the business. So, in many cases they are closing their eyes to activities like this. For example, I know some cases where a business manager visa is obtained after opening a restaurant.

But in fact the immigration bureau also says it may be illegal.
If you feel it is risky, we have another plan.
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