Startup visas may be extended to 1 year

Visas for the purpose of preparing for startups are provided to applicants of the “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs” The program is developed in national strategic special zones like Tokyo, Aichi Fukuoka and Sendai.

The applicants apply to Tokyo City with their business plans and provide evidence that they can prepare the minimum capital by the end of the first 6 months. If their business plan is recognized to be realistic, Tokyo city will issue the recommendation.

Now the period of startup visas is 6 months. If the applicants clear the condition of Business manager 6 months later, they can extend the visa for an additional 1 year. But it has been said the period of 6 months isn’t enough to prepare to start up a new business.

The visas are now issued in the national strategic special zones only, but will be expanded to all areas in Japan.

The further information of “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

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