These days most of us need to stay at home because of the COVID-19 issue, and everyday, frequently we get news on TV, Radio or internet. However all of them are usually in Japanese, it is hard to understand if you do not understand the language.
Here is a very useful link for many foreigners who live in Japan

 One who does not understand Japanese well.
 One who would want to get proper information and feel unnecessary to ask around
 One who got trouble and does not know what to do
 One who lives alone and would wish to get good information in his mother tongue

The global trust network offers news service in 5 languages (at this moment English, Vietnamese, Nepali, Portuguese, Mongolian, possibly more would be added) by a native speaker of each languages.)

Click HERE (please scroll down a bit)

The vol.1 is talking about What and how to do hand washing, coughing-etiquette, getting fever, important notes and the current circumstance, the states of emergency.

GTN (Global Trust Networks) is a real estate company for foreigners who supports better rental life of residents, real estate companies and owners at the “TRUST NET 21” specialty lease guarantee for foreigners.

ANOTHER service by NHK, the Nippon Housou Kyokai (Japan national broadcasting)
Here is multilingual service of internet radio news about Coronavirus issue in Japan.
You will find many information of Medical stuff and counseling etc.. It is very useful.