How to get a Japanese working visa.


This is an explanation for how foreigners living abroad can get a working visa for Japan.

I already wrote about the standards and guidelines of working visas for Japan in the article “Working Visa”. But some foreigners may think they can get a working visa before getting a job.

Firstly,nobody can get a working visa without meeting the standards and guidelines. So please check the article “working Visa”.

Secondly, you need to get a job before getting a working visa. The company hiring you can bring you to Japan. The Company can apply a Certificate of Eligibility for your working visa with the contract between the company and you.

But there is the problem of how you can look for your company You will be fortunate if Japanese company staff call you directly for hiring. However, no one believes in such a miracle case. So, you need to be in Japan at least once to find a job..

The easiest way to enter Japan is by getting a temporary visa. If you come from countries and regions with Visa Exemptions, you can enter in Japan with your passport and look for your job. If you come from countries and regions without Visa Exemptions, you need to locate a friend or acquaintance in Japan and ask them to be your guarantor. We can support you when contacting your guarantor.

However, I think it’s very difficult for you to get a job even if you get a temporary visa.
This is because all the recruitment information is written in Japanese. In addition, the official company language is Japanese.

In the end, you may consider that you need to learn Japanese.
As far as I know, the only way to get a Japanese working visa is that by entering a Japanese school in Japan which can provide you with a study visa, and you can then look for your job while studying.

More haste, less speed.

If you want to try to look for a job with a temporary visa now after reading this article, ask your guarantor to call me. I will do my best to help you get a temporary visa.

If you want to start your job-hunting by learning Japanese, you can look for your school on the Internet.