Overview concerning the acceptance of foreign workers

Japan will accept 100,000 foreign work-ready workers with skill and Japanese ability a year from April 2019. The “Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2018” states that the new residence status will be established in fields with chronicle shortages.

Required Japanese ability is N4. The required skill will be decided by the ministry controlling each field. Additionally, an examination will be held to check the level. However, technical interns who have finished the 3-year period will be exempted from the skill and language examination.

The longest period is 5 years. But higher Japanese skill may be held on the extension. They will not be able to bring their family. However, the government considers establishing another status in which is permitted to bring family and to be able to stay for over 5 years in the case of foreigners who can demonstrate higher levels of professional skill.

The companies or industry groups which accept these foreigners will be responsible for supporting their Japanese study, and for providing living guidance and consulting.

Therefore, the immigration bureau is considered to be upgraded to an agency.